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Amazing page section

How beautiful is GOD work!

Sometime i wondered if we even know how GOD made the universe so beautiful for us. Just take a good look at the sea, it look ridiculously beautiful, it is calm, quiet, all clear and blue just like the sky etc…If there is something i learn and i want to share it with you guys, is the fact that when you are by that beautiful sea anything is possible, you can think as clear as the sea, any anger in you just wash away, you are calm & happy as the sea, and the most unbelievably thing of all is your body get so relax you will fall asleep like a new born baby. So anyone who have not experience such treatment from the sea, trust me you have go and get own treat form the sea, am sure you gonna love it like i do.

GOD bless you & your family.. may GOD have mercy on us all,& continues to bless that beautiful universe!!!


“FabiØla”, with a zero, for “zero-hate”. That’s right people, it’s all love up in here!! — Anyway, I am Fabiola Beauvil.. — We’re just going to post some kool things on here, do a quick review, provide a “trusted” means of understanding in case you’re interested (no pressure). We want to help who ever that is interesting in learning our Language “HAITIAN CREOLE”. Here is how we are going to do it , the first 2 week will be free of charge and after that i will let who ever are interesting  in doing that knows the amount it will cost you to continue.so guys if you are interesting, you are welcome to get register,  provide your feedback, and open discussions are allow also. Thank you!

Stay safe & Blessed!!!


“Fabiola”, avek yon zero, (0) a se “zero hate” li reprezante. Jan nou tande a moun mwen yo, bo isit la se kote gen anpil lanmou!! Antouka non pa mwen se Fabiola Beauvil..- nou gen anpil bagay serye epi enpotan nou pral poste bo isit la pou tout moun ki vle epi ki sou sa. Nou vle ede kelkeswa moun ki vle aprann pale lang “Angle” a konprann li le yon moun ap pale li bo kote li. Nou pap di ke ou pral pale li a 100%, men nou ka diw nap edew pale li a 75% si ou vreman enterese. Men koman nap fe li, premye 2 semen nan ap gratis ti cheri, epi apre sa si ou renmen sa kap fe la epi ou vle kontinye wap jis peye mwen yon ti kob ki pa anpil. Depi ou enterese ou ka kontakte mwen kote ou we ki make contact la oubyen kite yon comment pale avek mwen, epi enskri kote ou we ki make “register” a. Mesi anpi!

Rete beni epi proteje tet nou!!!


Hey people

Just want you guys to know that I will be starting to post some interesting things later or tomorrow, so I hope you guys will be with me all the way and stay connected.. appreciate, thanks!,😘🥰


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