The virus is real back

Hello everyone, it has been a while since i last post something on the blog, so hope you guys are not angry at me, am sorry!! Hope everyone of you are blessed and safe.

Talking about safe, a lot of us do not want to listen or believe that the VIRUS is real and back, but it is the total truth. I understand that it is not easy to stay home, wear masks, or keep six feet apart, but trust me all of it is for our own good and that of our love ones. Even if you don’t want to follow all the rules for our self please let’s do it for people that are count in our life, like our children, our wives or husband, our families etc…Because a lot of time they pay for our own mistakes and stubbornness, and we know in our hearts is not fair them, so before that happen please let us think about the consequences. So we know what to do we just gonna do it for their sake, we will continues to wash our hands, wear masks, stay home when we are not at work to avoid large groups, keep six feet apart from each other etc… I know GOD always keep us safe, that is the fact, but I also know that HE wants us to take the first step . So guys let’s do everything we can to keep our self and that of our love ones safe while GOD has His plans for us.

GOD bless you all!!